Sergej Mahnovski
Sergej Mahnovski is Director in the Utility of the Future team at Con Edison. He was former Director of the Mayor’s Office of Long Term Plan­ning and Sustainability, where he managed citywide energy policy and oversaw New York City’s comprehensive sustainability initiative. Sergej has served as Chairman of the New York City Energy Policy Task Force, Chairman of the New York City Energy Efficiency Cor­poration, and board member of the New York State Smart Grid Consortium. He is currently an Assistant Adjunct Professor at Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs.

Anthony Yuen
Anthony Yuen leads global macro, gas and power strategy within Commodities Research at Citigroup. He is also a key contributor to studies on oil and coal and a reviewer of IEA’s World Energy Outlook. Anthony was most recently a member of Constellation Energy's Global Commodities Group, the physical and financial trading arm of the firm. He worked at McKinsey & Company prior to joining Constellation. He previously held research and teaching positions at the University of Pennsylvania and was a faculty member of Columbia University.


Carolyn Kissane
Carolyn Kissane is the academic director of the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies (NYU-SCPS) Center for Global Affairs (CGA). Dr. Kissane joined NYU in 2005 as one of two founding members of CGA’s full-time faculty. Dr. Kissane specializes in the politics of energy and serves as coordinator of the energy and environment concentration for the Center’s M.S. in Global Affairs. She teaches graduate-level courses that examine the Central Asian region, the geopolitics of oil, comparative energy politics, resource security, and global civil society.


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